Expats in China: What Lessons Do They Take Away?

As inarguably one of the fastest and most sustainably growing economies on the planet it’s not surprising that the number of long-term visitors to China has risen dramatically since the turn of the century.

In the 80s and 90s, foreign visitors to China found themselves in an alien world where European language, culture and food weren’t catered for, and the assumption of wealth and prestige came part-and-parcel with the colour of your skin.

The introduction of green card system in 2004 marked a tangible shift in China’s relationship with expatriates, opening the door for visitors to become permanent residents. Accompanied by the economic crisis in the West and China’s growing importance on the world stage, the appeal of China for expatriates is easily evidenced: the expatriate population in Shanghai alone has grown some 6.7% since 2011.

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