Chinafornia Here We Come: State Sees Record Investments from China in 2016

Editor’s Note: This article focuses on recent investment by Chinese companies in the United States, particularly California. Whilst Chinese investment in the U.S. is nothing new, the sheer scale of recent activity is worth noting. Examining the focus of Chinese investment in California, the piece provides and interesting look into the changing dynamics between the two nations.

Chinese investment in the United States is massive, and this year has brought larger investments than ever before. The growth rate of Chinese investments in California is rising at an alarming pace. Many have joked that California has actually become Chinafornia.

AFP news agency reported that data from the American consulting firm Rhodium Group and the National Committee on United States-China Relations shows that Chinese companies invested $15 billion in the U.S. in 2015. This year, investments may be double that.

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