Envious No More: An Overseas Returnee Praises China

Editor’s Note: Overseas returnees in China often receive negative coverage in the Chinese press: they often have trouble finding work or assimilating back to Chinese life. However, this particular returnee has written an article about their appreciation for their home country and its rapid development over the past decade.

I traveled to the United States in 2008 to study, and returned home to China after graduating in September 2013. I have been back for more than three years. In these past eight years in China and abroad, I saw China’s rapid development and progress and I admire my country as an “overseas returnee.”

China’s Ambitious Super-Projects

In the United States I was jealous of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building and the nation’s busy air routes. Now, I am not jealous anymore.

China has its own super-projects. The Qingh...

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