China’s Shenzhou 11 Blasts Off

Shenzhou 11 lifts off. Photo:

China’s sixth manned space mission has been launched and this is set to be its longest mission yet, but how what does this mission mean for China and the rest of the world?

At 7:30pm on Monday 17th of October, Jin Haipeng and Chen Dong were launched into space on board the Shenzhou 11. Approximately 19 minutes after take-off, the mission was declared a success by Zhang Youxia, commander in chief of China’s manned space program. The mission of the two astronauts is to reach the Tiangong 2 (Heavenly Palace 2) space station, where they will spend 30 days analyzing plant growth in space and scanning their own bodies’ performance through ultrasounds. These activities are intended to help China reach the goal of launching Tianhe 1, a more permanent spa...

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