Actually Useful Language Guides: How to Curse in Chinese

Good news, especially for big fans of dropping F-bombs: it is official and scientifically proven that swearing is good for you!

During my tedious five year study of applied psychology, I learned that there are many coping styles and strategies for dealing with stress. Among the most popular and most effective ones are: humor, relaxation, seeking support, physical recreation, and also….cursing!

A Harmless Release

And so that you wouldn’t accuse me of empty theories here, Google/Baidu the psychologists from England’s Keele University, who found that cursing is, “a harmless emotional release and can make you feel stronger and more resilient.” It can even relieve pain!

I can say from my own experience, that, for example – whenever my love/hate relationship with China happens to be more on the hate side – you know – one of those days when you, let’s say, immediately ... Read More>>

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