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Office Craziness in China (Part 1) Apr 27

ECC blogger shares his stories of his crazy colleague. Comments (18)

Parents Need Not Apply Apr 25

ECC blogger questions why schools charge their teacher's children tuition. Comments (34)

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Most Chinese Mobile Phone Companies Operating at a Loss Apr 26

A report on Chinese mobile phone companys' sales and net profits from 2015. Comments (3)

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid Your Husband’s Mistress ... Apr 21

How much does it cost to get rid of a mistress? Spain’s El Pais recently shared a story of a ...Comments (13)

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  • Parents Need Not Apply

    What has China got against parents?Been doing some job and soul-searching lately, and there’s something I’ve noticed.As a parent of twins, most schools offering positions offer ...

    by Sinobear 

  • Happy Life in China

    Embrace the differences and get behind the mindset of Chinese culture. I’m writing down some tips that would help ...

    Mar 14 by AmlanAparajit

  • East v West - When Parenting Styles ...

    Life as a parent can be difficult. It’s tiring, stressful, kills your social life and can be emotionally and financially ...

    Mar 08 by adb2014

  • And So It Goes

    Here’s the story of a friend I’ll call ‘Xena’.Xena was hired to be the Vice-Principal of a school to teach young ...

    Feb 17 by Sinobear

  • How strict are Chinese laws

    More than a year ago my arrival in China was a mixture of curiosity, strong positive bias to learn and to implement my ...

    Jan 05 by GaliaSlavova

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A report on Chinese mobile phone companys' sales and net profits from 2015. Read More>>

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